TBA- Stuff in the works for 2016 stay tuned!



Feminomenal, The Bureau of Historical Investigation, Bellingham, WA Dec. 16th 

Objectification 8, Smith and Vallee Gallery, Edison, WA Dec 5th

Mod. Saints: Rites, Riots and Relics (solo), Make.Shift, Bellingham, WA Nov 6th

PDX Project: A Group Exhibition, One Grand Gallery, Portland, OR July 10th-July 31st

Infestation!, Make.Shift, Bellingham, WA May 1st-May 13th

Face's Face (solo), Locöl Barley and Vine, Seattle, WA  Jan. 11th-Mar. 14th


Art Moves, Platte Forum, Denver, CO Dec 5th-Dec 12th

Solo show, The ConjureMovement, Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver, CO Nov 7th- Dec 4th

99 Pieces, Access Gallery, Denver, CO Sept 20th-Oct 20th