The Hive, Bellingham, WA Apr 2015

Platte Forum, Denver, CO Dec 2014

The Garage, R.A.W.(resident artist workshop), San Francisco, CA Feb-May 2009


Creator of Draw String Theory: a night of drawing for artists and art enthusiasts, in partnership with Kyle Duce @ Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver, CO Oct 16th and Nov 20th 2014

Home Mural Project, under direction of muralist, Brenda Cleary, designed and painted one section ofmural under I-25 corridor in Denver, CO Aug 2013

THE CONJURE MOVEMENT PODCAST up and runnning! Take a listen The Conjure Movement Pod


The Bureau of Historical Invetigation, 217 West Holly St. Bellingham, WA

Sub Rosa Mercantile, 2337 W. 44th Ave. Denver, CO 

The Lucky Dumpster, 14011 Mactaggart Ave. Bow, WA 


Online Collaborative Special Edition Paper Product Line- with Craftbelly Conjure Movement and Craftbelly Goods

 Zine- The ConjureMovement 

Published by MagCloud January, 2012

Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"16 pages Saddle-stitched

The conjure movement is about alchemy, mysticism, and the elements of art (life) that we don't have ultimate control over. Rumi once wrote, "our eyes are so small, yet they see enormous things." His words describe the work highlighted in this zine. The embroideries presented are tiny, yet within each one the viewer sees their own reality, a unique world. Right now, is a time where the individual artistic process is more valued than it has been in the past. We, essentially, are all voyeurs. We have a desire to know the inter-workings of things, whether they be relationships or art making. Enjoy!